Booongo`s Team Meeting in Taiwan!

3 Nov 2017 / Events

Recently Booongo had a cross-national workshop between Taiwanese and Ukrainian colleagues, that was held in our office in Taiwan. It was extremely useful, cooperative and exciting event, where our teams exchanged with their experience and upgraded current operational workflows.

Many internal aspects were touched during this work-shop, such as for example: increase of internal workflows efficiency, upgrade of customer relationship management system, new team-mates training, implementation of new standards & processes within integration managers team, etc. As a result, during a week of sessions and a set of brainstormings - all of the most important topics and questions were completely resolved & implemented, and workshop goals were fully achieved. So now our existing and potential customers, both in Asia and Europe, will receive even better level of service, improved process of responding on client’s requests and a new level of cooperation efficiency.

Such internal activities are very important and valuable for us, because we face with a growing interest to Booongo games from new and new companies and users every day. That`s why we have a constant development, which drives higher growth and even more new ideas! Moreover, apart from business stuff, this is also a great chance for team-building - to have an awesome time all together in a warm atmosphere of like-minded people, thus becoming even more friendly and satisfied with what we do for all of our partners and players!

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