8 Apr 2020 / Interview

Sebastian Damian, CCO of Booongo, spoke to SlotCatalog, one of the most respected internet platform for players, casino operators and game developers and discuss our upcoming Daily Rewards programme as well as our work towards creating interesting gameplay and amazing graphics!

Welcome Sebastian! We appreciate the opportunity to sit down and chat with you. Could you give our readers a quick introduction to Booongo?

I have always seen Booongo as a fantastic company with great cross-platform video slots games for free-to-play. Everyone at Booongo is a passionate slot enthusiast, who keeps challenging boundaries through exciting game features & innovative gameplay development, stable operation & rich gaming atmosphere – this inevitably transforms into a great experience for our player and supports the growth of their business.

Our Team is not only about game crafters - we are players passionate about video slots.

How does this passion reflect in your corporate culture?

Corporate culture in Booongo goes beyond our professional activities. All employees are part of a large Booongo-family, and together we do everything possible to create the highest standard product. We believe that our business can benefit the entire industry, including employees, customers and players. Our actions are aimed at the constant growth of Booongo, as all employees are working on the development and improvement of the product in an ever-changing global market. We create a friendly atmosphere, incredible adventures with amazing gameplay and an atmosphere that gives incredible emotions to all our players.

What is the company vision at Booongo and how do you work towards your goals?

Make a better and more engaging product – that’s all!

Booongo is constantly evolving and trying to improve all of its products. We are constantly improving our communication with partners, our promos and trying something new. In April 2020, our first Daily Rewards will start, where each player can receive a guaranteed daily reward for completing simple tasks.

It gets easier for players to receive something each time they play, every day, complete a goal and take reward! They can come back on the next day to save daily progress and get an even bigger reward. We try to simplify our products as much as possible and make it convenient for everyone to use it.

What is your personal opinion on why you’ve done so good?

For a long time, economists have been trying to find criteria for the success of an enterprise, but no one gave a convincing answer. We, like all other companies, tried to find our way, and it seems to us that we have chosen the right one. From the very beginning, Booongo tried to gather people who are not afraid to experiment and strive to be the best in their field - to create better games for the many players out-there looking for new challenges. By the introduction of new mechanics, experiments with new features and release of games with amazing graphics, we are developing and doing everything in such a way to get better-and-better.

Experimenting and keeping a playful attitude is definitely a pro when it comes to creating games! Speaking about games, what game is your personal favourite?

It is difficult to choose one favorite production, because there are so many. Our new release Great Panda is an exciting slot with great graphics and awesome gameplay. He continues the series of our Hold and Win slots in which players can win GRAND JACKPOT up to X2000 their bet.

And do not forget of our all-time classics, Dragon Pearls. Since its release, this slot has been at the Top of the list and has gained not only loyal fans, but also has received rave reviews. Dragon Pearls has won the hearts of many fans for us and thanks to him we have received great recognition in the industry, so of course it is one of my favorites.

What’s the secret recipe of creating an outstanding slot game in your opinion?

Creating a game that all players can enjoy. To create a successful game you need to consider many points: graphics, music, balance for volatility. All of the above can decide the fate of the game, but we believe that no matter how beautiful the game is, the most important thing is the incredible gameplay.

We are trying to make an immersive gaming session, with a clear understanding of how players can win.

Why should players play your games?

Each game in the Booongo portfolio has amazing graphics and mechanics that have always been appreciated by many players, and we are constantly improving by adding new features. This is why even casual players are able to enjoy the full features of our games and get the incredible emotions and experience.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us Sebastian! Before we say goodbye I would like to hear you thoughts about the iGaming industry future?

Our industry is moving very fast. New features, types of jackpots and mechanics appear more and more often. It is very important to be able to adapt and not be afraid to try new approaches, because as it often happens, innovation can sometimes be slowed by regulatory frameworks. Opening new markets and tightening regulation will have a positive effect on the industry and those companies that can respond and continue to adapt will be driving the future.

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