Hell`s Band Release

18th Apr 2017 / Games

The Booongo team doesn't get tired of creating slots that hook from the first spin. We have something to please you this spring, because on April 18, 2017 we released the hottest and infernal game, which pumps, explodes the brain and does not lets you sleep quietly!

Hell's Band is a hell-thematic, extreme and exciting 5-reel and 20-line slot from Booongo. It includes high-voltage FreeSpins, Craps-style Hell's RoadTour Bonus Game and Random-Destiny Wilds & Scatters.

Player immerses in Hell, where the Devil reigns, being frontman in a rock band of mad musicians. He calls to destroy the scene of the Lower World and collect the richest Rock Music Awards ever! You just need to make Hell's Band to play by your own rules on the best scenes of the Hell. It's extremely HOT, Fascinating and Fun here! We will rock you, man!

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