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88 Wild Dragon
To feel the powerful spirit of Chinese culture and the mysticism of the ancient Asiatic world is possible in the new slot "88 Wild Dragon". Magical portals open the gates to the parallel worlds of wealth and achievement. If one of the two symbols fall out in one of them, the Red Dragon becomes Wild and burns with a hot flame. Two Black fire-breathing Dragons are liven up on special lucky devils. If they appear immediately in 2 portals - you are guaranteed a Free Spin Game in which you can learn the secret of the Winner. Dominate the Wild Dragons that bring fortune and Asiatic riches for you!
Gnomes' Gems
Sapphires and Emeralds will lavish upon you, if you run jackhammer perfectly! The Gnomes - are treasure hunters who madly burst the way in the earth's bowels in a rush to get the dungeon riches. These guys will help you run jackhammer to find a huge storage of precious stones among the mines and get them. Special features like Bombs, Magnets, TNT's and Arrows will help all extreme lovers of jewelry. And for even greater riches - collect in-Game Achievements, so then you can definitely count on #Big, Mega, Super Mega #Win!
Fruiterra Fortune
For those who miss for the good old classics, take your chance again to bet on the already familiar symbols “Star”, “777”, “Lemon” and “Good Luck”! Everything is simple and ingenious at the same time. Spin the reel - and take your money!
Poisoned Apple
Help the Snow White to defeat a cruel Queen and meet the Prince Charming! For that, the gnomes will reward you with all the kingdom riches!
Diego Fortune
Be thrilled with breathtaking adventure along with our hero conquistador Don Diego Gonzales and his crew exploring deep jungles in search for the ancient Mayan ruins and forgotten treasures! Reach the untold fortune from finding Mayan riches in a step-by-step strategy Bonus Game! Embark on this quest which only few would dare to attempt! Diego Fortune is a 5-reel 20-line slot featuring Mayan Calendar special symbol triggering respins after coins accumulation, Free Spin game mode and unique step-by-step strategy-style Bonus Game. Immerse yourself in the conquistador adventure uncovering the Mayan mysteries and riches lost in time!
Hell's Band
Burn out your boring life and do it loud! It’s time to fall through the ground and meet the craziest Hell’s Band ever to make the devil’s pit ROCK OUT! Force the Devil him-freaking-self to play by your own rules in the Craps-style Bonus Game defining the world’s best concert halls for Hell’s Band performances and collect the richest Rock Music Awards EVER! Nobody's gonna stop you playing this brave & crazy, extreme & rocking 5-reel 20-line Slot featuring High-Voltage Free spins with stacked Death Wild, Craps-style Hell’s RoadTour Bonus game, Infernal Achievements and Random-Destiny Wilds and Scatters, which definitely gonna blow your rocking mind! The Devil’s calling your name to crack the code of silence!
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